Saying Goodbye

Caister Vets will do everything we can to maintain and support your pet’s health throughout its life.

There may come a time however when you feel that your pet is suffering or does not have the quality of life that you know it should have and the most appropriate course of action is to say goodbye.

We will try and accommodate your wishes as much as possible, whether that means a house visit, coming into the clinic and staying with your pet or leaving your pet with us.

After saying goodbye you will need to consider either taking your pet home to bury or leaving them with us where we will organise their cremation with Peaceful Pets. If you would rather you can transport them to the crematorium yourself.  We understand the pain and sadness that comes from losing your companion. We will ensure that your pet is treated with dignity and kindness, allowing you to say goodbye in a calm and unhurried manner.

We are always happy to discuss euthanasia with you as an option, giving you the information you need to make a decision for what is appropriate for you and your pet.