Routine and Emergency Surgery

Caister Vets offers routine and emergency surgery to patients, delivered by our experienced team of veterinary professionals.

From neutering to more complex emergency care, you can be sure your pet is in safe, experienced hands.


We offer routine castration (males) and spaying (females) of dogs, cats and rabbits. There are several benefits of neutering which include prevention of unwanted pregnancy, preventing or curing disease of the reproductive organs and possible improvements in certain behaviour. We examine all animals before surgery and will ensure that neutering your pet is the right thing for you. We recommend neutering of dogs and cats from roughly 6 months old, and rabbits from 16 weeks. The usual protocol for neutering is a day visit only, your pet is admitted first thing in the morning and is home later on that day. Most patients recover very quickly from this type of surgery and are back to full fitness within 2 weeks.

We also offer keyhole spaying surgery for dogs from our sister clinic Westover Vets in North Walsham. Laparoscopic equipment is used to remove female reproductive organs through a small incision – dramatically speeding up recovery times and minimising pain.

Emergency surgery and trauma

If the worst should happen, Caister Vets’ professional team are backed up by diagnostic equipment and a surgical suite to cope with many types of emergency situation. Whether your pet has swallowed a foreign object or has been involved in a road traffic accident, our vets will be on hand to help.