Pet Insurance

We hope that your pet will only need to see us annually for routine vaccinations and checkups, we want your pet to be healthy and full of beans!

However, illness and injury can come when you least expect it. Veterinary medicine has made many advances, allowing more diseases and injuries to be treated than ever before. This comes at a cost though – and even common medical conditions can be expensive.

We always recommend a pet insurance policy for your pet. This will usually involve you paying an excess when treatment for a condition starts, and then all further treatment being covered by the terms of that policy. This can be particularly beneficial for covering out of hours care, and managing chronic, lifelong conditions.

We can’t recommend one particular policy, but make sure you pick a reputable provider and read the small print. Some policies can be invalidated unless you keep your pets vaccinations up to date and get them checked up once a year.

Thankfully, our Pet Health PlanĀ covers routine vaccinations and gives you money off routine treatments, perfect for staying on top of things and spotting potential problems early.