Welcome to Breckland Vets! We offer a full ambulatory service, whether routine or emergency, for farm, equine, exotics, camelids and zoo species!

We are confident that whatever the scenario or species we have the experience and the attitude to make a positive difference.

We are also very lucky to have access to stocks, stables, a surgical theatre and much more at our main clinic in Hainford.

Farm services

We believe the role of the farm vet is changing. For commercial farms, vet spend should be an investment that you see a return on. Whether that is as simple as using pneumonia vaccines to ensure better health and growth rates in your calves or spending some time sitting down and constructing a farm management plan, a feed budget or a grazing strategy.

Of course we will still calve cows and caesar sheep, but increasingly we are working with our farmers to add value to their business rather than salvage a difficult situation.

We are also well aware that farm species can make popular pets (just look at Tom with ‘Bubbles’ the sheep and ‘Toffee’ the pig – among others!) and for these animals we are happy to be able to provide the level of care that is normally reserved for cats, dogs or horses.


Whatever the problem may be, our team will be able to help. Below are just a few examples of what equipment we have access to and what we can do for you.

  • Equine health plan*: pay monthly and save money!
  • Routine and advanced dentistry using our motorised equipment, dental flush, dental camera, dental xrays and state of the art dental tools.
  • Reproduction services: mare and stallion management, artificial insemination services and mobile ultrasound.
  • Medical work up: thorough clinical examination, in-house faecal and blood testing, laboratory testing, access to mobile scope, ultrasound, x-ray machine, gastroscope and more.
  • Lameness investigation at our purpose-built trot up and lunging area where we have access to state of the art ultrasound and xray machine.
  • Intensive care at our main clinic including overnight video patient monitoring and IV fluid therapy


Thanks to our links with Westover vets we are also able to draw on the skills and knowledge base of one of the regions finest “exotic “ vets. Elliott Simpson has been leading the way in managing zoo collections, herds of alpacas and deer as well as poultry and birds of prey. His enthusiasm for the weird and wonderful has been infectious and so the rest of our team has learnt to embrace these species too (sometimes literally!)

For any more information about our services, contact us directly on 01953 686 000 or register online and we will be in touch as soon as we can.