Dental Health

Try our free nurse clinics for dental health.

Dental Health is a vital aspect of keeping your pet in tip-top condition! Just like in humans, animals can suffer for tooth decay caused by bacteria. This can cause painful caries which can prevent your pet from being able to eat properly, as well as causing changes in their behaviour.

You might not think you can brush your pet’s teeth but that’s not the case! We can show you how to get your puppy used to tooth brushing from an early age, making it a fun experience. Other animals like cats probably won’t take to this, so we also advise on products that can be added to food to help prevent dental plaque.

We offer nurse clinics to give you all the advice you need on caring for your pets’ teeth. This can be particularly important with animals like rodents or hamsters, whose teeth continue to grow¬†and can cause problems if they are too long. Our experienced nurses can work out a plan to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

For more serious cases where cleaning or even tooth extraction is required, a consultation with a vet can be arranged. We always advise staying on top of minor issues like this to prevent more serious complications later.