Feline Dental Care

Preventative Care

  • Check your pets mouth on a regular basis (monthly). Look for sore/red gums. Tartar build up and bad breath.
  • Dry food is helpful to have a brushing effect.


A daily oral hygiene routine is very important. There are many products to make feline dental care much easier.

  • VET AQUADENT – add to drinking water to help prevent tartar.
  • LOGIC ENZYMATIC GEL – Apply directly onto gums,or onto paws to be licked off.
  • TOOTH/FINGER BRUSHES – Use with a toothpaste formulated for animals.
  • VETERINARY CHECKS – A yearly check up is advised to monitor for dental disease.



  • PLAQUE/TARTAR – Common cause of dental disease.
  • GINGIVITIS – Inflammation of the gingiva/gum around the tooth.
  • STOMATITIS – Inflammation of the oral cavity/inside the mouth.
  • FELINE RESORPTIVE LESIONS – Erosion of the tooth, normally starting at the gum line. Sore painful lesions.